Hey everybody! For those not following the Facebook Page, this website has been temporarily "suspended" while Rod Rotzien of Techwarrior business solutions finishes the extensive PHP coding for our new website! Please check out the facebook.com/iiaac site for details!
Catalog Update: The Catalog will be updated as soon as we get a dedicated website
Ninja Nezumi Productions, L.L.C. is a member of the Stan Lee Warrior Program and we believe the extra attention at our events will spill over into extra attention for the IIAAC Catalog and its advertisers

Please see the link below for information on applying to the QR catalog. Applying for the QR catalog is easy. Just remember these simple things:
  • If you wish to create/design your own slot, please do. We have made a template for you - simply click on the appropriate link and Right Click on the image which comes up. Then select Save As to download the image to your computer.
  • You may also create your own template. Please refer to the proper template listing for the proper dimensions.
  • Please refer to the catalog and artistic guidelines if you wish to design your own listing.
  • Yes, you can design your own slot even if you do not have a QR Code maker. Just let us know where you wish the QR code to send others.
  • Please do not forget to put down basic information for those to find your product if they do not have QR code scanners.

Welcome to the temporary IIAAC website and links. You'll find links to the current By-Laws, catalog registration, and official facebook site.
Right now we are conducting most of our business through the Facebook Site and Email. This website will slowly begin to take duties as time goes on. We are looking for volunteers and donations to help speed this process. The IIAAC is a consortium based off a non profit model, although it is currently Ninja Nezumi Productions, L.L.C. for legal protections.
The QR linking catalog, once completed, will be available right here and on the official facebook site. To learn more about the QR linking catalog, please view the application *.pdf and or visit the official Facebook links below.
Advertising is too expensive for many people to compete competitively. The IIAAC's entire purpose is to offer low cost exposure. We can't make any promises other than we are here to help and the catalogs will be displayed.

The IIAAC catalog is on hiatus

While the PDF catalogs are up, and the QR codes are still good, the IIAAC is on hiatus while we search for funding and complete our non-profit status application process. Hopefully we'll be granted federal non-profit status soon! In the meantime, check out these catalogs:

Click HERE for the High Resolution 18 mb IIAAC Fall Catalog 2012-2013

Click HERE for the Medium Resolution 5 mb IIAAC Fall Catalog 2012-2013

Click HERE for the IIAAC membership By-Laws *.pdf
NEW BYLAWS ARE UP FOR 2013 - Please read over them

Click HERE for the IIAAC Catalog Registration *.pdf

Click HERE for the IIAAC On Facebook

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or click here to email the IIAAC@ninjanezumi.com
Facebook is checked more often than email